Re: [Tracker] How can tracker databases be used by multiple users?

On 30/06/11 15:51, Stefan v. Wachter wrote:
Hi Tracker folks,


I would like to deploy tracker on a fileserver. There exist multiple
user groups with various access rights to different folders and files. I
would like to create one user "tracker_index", who has access to all
files. Under this user the tracker-miner processes should run and do all
the indexing work.
Then I would like to create another user "tracker_query". Under this
user, which has a password publicly available for all people using the
fileserver, it should be possible to run a tracker-search query.
I tried to replace /home/tracker_query/.cache/tracker by a softlink
created by
ln -s /home/tracker_index/.cache/tracker/ ./tracker
and disabling indexing under /home/tracker_query/.config/tracker .
Unfortunately it does not work so easily.

Is there a recommended way to deploy tracker on a multi user fileserver?

In theory you could use XDG environment variables instead of links to change the location of the databases and configuration used by tracker processes both the clients and servers. This is something i've used in the past to debug databases sent to me via bug reports.

As for accessing the same DB by multiple users, it should work as if it were just another client from the same user (AFAICT). This would require you set up the environment well for all users and the Tracker user "tracker_query" too.

It sounds like what you want is to use the env var TRACKER_SPARQL_BACKEND="direct" for all users != tracker_index too, this will only allow queries (no updates) to the DB.

The main problem you will have is the tracker_query user will likely have it's own processes and files in place, you need to basically disable tracker from starting for all other users other than tracker_index and for the rest, you need to set up the environment to point to the right places.

This has been asked for before, but it's not something we really support, so we can't give an concrete way to do this - really just configuration options to attempt it.

Let us know if it works or you have any other questions.


Founder and CEO of Lanedo GmbH.

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