Re: [Tracker] Tracker as digital asset manager

Thank you for the replies.

On 20-06-11 09:47, Ivan Frade wrote:
What it lacks, or at least what I was not able to find, is a bit more
structure and some additional features:
- Limit its indexing to a specific set of folders and/or documents

 There is "tracker-preferences" to adjust what directories is tracker
indexing and monitoring (following changes on them)

Good to know but on second thought I'm not sure if an application using
Tracker should make use of this.

There are different cases:
1) A user already has Tracker up and running before starting to use DocWell
2) A user wants to starting using DocWell and Tracker is installed as a

In the first case you would not want to limit Tracker's indexing file
scope. The user might be relying on Tracker to index everything.
In the second case indexing just the document folder will suffice at
first. You would, however, run into trouble when other applications
start to use Tracker's db as well and assume more to be indexed.

Would you have it index all files while the majority is overkill at
first? Or would you limit the indexing scope and run the risk of the
user getting unexpected results when starting to use other applications
relying on Tracker?

It mostly depends on the amount of resources Tracker uses. Is the
difference between indexing a small set of folders or a whole system

On 20-06-11 10:43, Martyn Russell wrote:
On 20/06/11 08:47, Ivan Frade wrote:
It basically comes down to Shotwell on steroids with Tracker as its

Because Tracker already comes quit close, I wonder if there's already an
alternative GUI available or plug-ins that provide the functionality
above. Does it exist?
If not, has it been proposed before and to what extend would it fit in
the Tracker project?

  Tracker-needle is the closest we have, but its goal is only to find
the files. Either we extend tracker-needle to act more as a document
manager or is time to start a new project (docwell? :P). If you feel
like hacking, patches are welcome. Otherwise, adding these suggestions
in bugzilla is the best way to keep them alive.

Well :) the goal is also to provide "views" on your data, which is why
we have an "image" matrix, a "category" view (listing data by type) and
a "file" view for just plain file searching.

I had a look Tracker-needle and it looks like a good starting point. As
you might have guessed from the use of the name DocWell above, I do
think a proper DAM would be too domain specific for a general purpose
application like Tracker-needle to be transformed into. A separate
application might be better, even though 80% of the new functionality
would be beneficial for both applications.

The other 20% would go into additional functionality like:
- Grouping/merging multiple files into one (e.g. one image per page for
a scanned document)
- Nesting tags to create a bit more structure
- Limiting the folder(s) and file types on which to work (at least its
"view", not necessarily Tracker's indexing)
- Etc.



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