[Tracker] What is needed for using gstreamer in Tracker?

Hi Tracker folks,

I'm working with tracker-0.10.0 on ubuntu 10.10.
I'm trying to configure tracker with --enable-video-extractor=gstreamer.
And I got following error from ./configure.

checking for GDKPIXBUF... yes
checking for GUPNP_DLNA... no
checking for GSTREAMER... no
checking for XINE... no
configure: error: Couldn't find Gstreamer

I installed libgstreamer-dev package.
But, ./configure result is same.

I don't know what is needed for --enable-video-extractor=gstreamer.
There are a lot of gstreamer related packages.
I don't know about gstreamer...

Any comment makes me happy :)

Thank you!

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