Re: [Tracker] How tracker use libstreamanalyzer?

On 17/02/11 08:20, Lin, Mengdong wrote:
Could someone tell me how tracker may use of libstreamanalyzer? Is there
any code that I can refer to?

Hi there,

You have to do several things.

1. Build with libstreamanalyzer supported (see configure options)
2. Have no other extractors available for a mime-type to be use it. This can be done changing the environment before starting the command:


This means there will be no extractors found and LSA should be used.

We should probably have a command line option for this if LSA is available.

What Philip says is also true, the ontology generated is not inline with what Tracker expects so you might have some issues when using it. We already have to strip all nfo:FileDataObject properties from the generated sparql because the miner-fs already does that. There may also be some ontologies missing we expect and/or some just not in our ontology.


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