Re: [Tracker] ANNOUNCE: tracker 0.9.37 released (unstable)

On 10/02/11 08:59, simon hong wrote:


After this release (0.9.37), tracker-status is removed.
That's function is merged in tracker-control.

Sometimes I used tracker-status to see tracker's status whether some
modules are busy or not.
In the latest release(0.9.37), I can do it with "tracker-control -S"

When tracker is not working, tracker is started with "tracker-control
-S" command.

I think this behavior is a somewhat strange.
Isn't It?

It always did this AFAIR. The reason is because it has to call the miners to get their status via dbus (which instantiates the process).

You're right it should be fixed, i.e. we shouldn't return status for miners not running and they shouldn't be started to just get the status.

I just know track's status not want to start tracker.
How about this behavior?

I think you're right. I have filed a new bug:


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