Re: [Tracker] Tracker-WARNING **: file is encrypted or is not a database

Hello Suparno!

Did you have a look at QSparql? It'll give you access to Tracker in a
much more Qt-ish way. In any case, you can have a look at the examples
for either library, that might help you get started:
libtracker-sparql (not so simple one):

In your case, not sure why tracker_sparql_connection_get would fail...
What platform are you developing on? Are there special restrictions to
the DB access?



Le Fri, 5 Aug 2011 10:05:28 +0530,
<suparno bose wipro com> a écrit :

Hi Martyn,

                Here is  what am doing inside my application :



  GError *error = NULL;

  m_connection = tracker_sparql_connection_get_direct(&error);

  qDebug() << error->message;

  if(m_connection != NULL)


    gchar *query;

    query = g_strdup_printf ("SELECT ?url WHERE { ?song a
nmm:MusicPiece ; nie:isStoredAs ?as . ?as nie:url ?url . }");

    if(0 != query)

        m_cursor = tracker_sparql_connection_query (m_connection,
query, NULL, &error);


        printf("Query is null \n");


    if(0 != error)


        g_print("Error Message %s\n", error->message);

        //qDebug() << error->message;

        g_free (query);



        printf("No error returned from the SPARQL\n");


    if(0 != m_cursor)

        print_cursor (m_cursor, "No classes were found to match search
term", "Classes", TRUE, l_list);


        printf("cursor is NULL \n");




    qDebug() << "connection not establisheds";



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not a database


On 04/08/11 13:31, suparno bose wipro com
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Attaching the file




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Subject: RE: [Tracker] Tracker-WARNING **: file is encrypted or is

a database

Sorry Martyn ,

            I did some mistake. Please find my new log attached.

This time it worked fine from the command line but not from the 

application .


I see, so how are you doing it form the application then? The command
line tools are there to help you sanity check what you're application
might be doing.






Founder and CEO of Lanedo GmbH.

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