[Tracker] ANNOUNCE: tracker 0.9.23 released (unstable)

What is it?
All-in-one indexer, search tool and metadata database.

Where can I find out more?
You can visit the project web site:


Where can I get it?


What's New?

A lot of these changes have also been back-ported to the 0.8 branch!

The changes are:

* Fixes: NB#193061, Music; Âqtn_musi_comments_md string is indicated incorrectly in file details for MP3 files. * Fixes: NB#193044, Device doesn't do file list updates after uploading to device or delete from device procedures. * Fixes: NB#194746, DELETE statement fails with SQL error when GRAPH pattern is used
  * Ontology: Added nco:AuthorizationStatus class
  * Ontology: Set tracker:notify for nmm:MusicAlbum
  * Ontology: Set tracker:notify for nmm:Artist
  * Ontology: Set tracker:notify for nmm:ImageList
  * SPARQL: Fix SQL for GRAPH with predicate variable and empty database
  * coverage: ignore dbus-binding-tool generated files
  * functional-tests: Parse correctly playlist output from the extractor
  * functional-tests: Include playlists tests if totem-pl-parser is enabled
  * functional-tests: Added GIF with XMP metadata
  * libtracker-data: Log failure to set journal mode to WAL
* libtracker-data: Fixed unchecked pointer unref when setting journal_mode pragma
  * libtracker-data: Change SQLite page and cache size
  * libtracker-sparql: Added connection_get_{async|direct_async}() APIs
  * libtracker-sparql: Various documentation fixes and additions.
* libtracker-miner: Added new unit tests for blacklisting and event merging
  * libtracker-miner: Don't create inner loop until needed
  * tracker-store: Fixed corruption in FD passing D-Bus implementation
  * tracker-extract: MP3: Fixed a huge memory leak in albumart data
  * tracker-extract: MP3: Support Windows-1252 character encoding
  * tracker-extract: MP3: Fix string handling in comment and picture tags
  * tracker-extract: Album art: Stop looking for cover if we already
  * tracker-search-tool: Fixed compilation error with the latest Vala
  * plugins: Evolution: Fixed the UID format of the URL


  * Updated pl: Piotr DrÄg



30 September 2010
Tracker team

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