Re: [Tracker] Tracker indexing problem

On 29/09/10 13:53, Alexandru Tataru wrote:
Hello again,

   I continued testing tracker and I have the following question. In
order to use tracker I log in as a user and start tracker, but this way
every logged user on that host must start tracker. Does tracker support
a use case so that a logged user (root or normal) can start tracker and
every other logged user can use tracker without having to start
it them-selfs?

In theory yes. We support the freedesktop directory standards and additionally we have a bunch of other environment variables to make this possible. Assuming you have dbus set up correctly and shared between users, it should work. Alternatively using direct access is interesting. We use a set location per user for that, so we would have to make some changes for that to be possible. It might be possible to symlink the directories to a global location, but as said, this is not a usual request and it hasn't been tried.

If you get it working, let us know :)


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