Re: [Tracker] Tracker indexing problem

  I am doing some testing with tracker and I have the following
problem. I start tracker and let it index until it reports "Idle". I
then insert a USB stick and tracker starts to index the files and
folders on that USB stick. The problem is that when I unmount the USB
stick tracker does not update it's database and "tracker-stats" shows
the same number of files and folders as when I had the USB stick
mounted. Is this a bug or this is the way it was supposed to happen. I
am using Ubuntu 10.04 LTS with the latest release of tracker. I really
need an answer, thank you!

Every file in the USB will belong to a specific tracker:Volume; and when
you eject the USB that Volume will be marked with tracker:isMounted set
to FALSE and all the files in the volume with tracker:available set to
FALSE as well. If you don't mount the USB in 3 days (IIRC there is a
bugreport to make that number configurable), all the resources of that
tracker:Volume will be removed.

for more info on Volumes.



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