Re: [Tracker] nfo:Image identifier

Thanks for quick answer.

I've tried both methods you've proposed, that is:
     mpo:hasIcon <urn:uuid:981e3c86-b0be-e38c-f224-cc2dce8810c5 > ;

    mpo:hasIcon [ a nfo:Image ; nie:title 'Icon for Car' ] ;

and in both cases I receive error message:
    Unable to import Turtle file, Property '' does not accept URIs

I think there's something wrong with these two lines in my ontology:
    rdfs:domain mpo:Profile ;
    rdfs:range nfo:Image .

How can I convince the mpo#hasIcon property to accept URIs?

    > Use <urn> instead of "urn", but you of course need to create the
    > nfo:Image first unless you use anonymous blank nodes as I explained earlier.

    > We can't know, your sample isn't complete. But it looks like the subject
    > created for an anonymous blank node. For example a file on the FS.

I got the URN of the resource by applying a query to tracker. That image file was earlier proceeded by tracker-miner-fs and it should exist somewhere in the tracker's storage.

Thanks and regards,

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