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Hi Michal,

ÂEvery instance in tracker has a internal tracker URI (usually urn:uuid:bunch-of-numbers). The location of the resource (when this makes sense) is in the nie:url property. If you modify your query to look like this:

SELECT ?s nie:url (?t) WHERE { ?s a mpo:Profile; mpo:hasIcon ?t. }

ÂI think you well get the expected result.

ÂAbout icons in general: They are everywhere in the ontology but we don't have a consistent way to represent them. a lot of classes has an xxx:icon property that simply contains the location (path) of the icon. We will work on this eventually.



On Tue, Sep 21, 2010 at 4:55 PM, MichaÅ Frynas <mfrynas gmail com> wrote:
I have following problem. I'm developing a new ontology handling profile data. One of the attributes the profile contains is its icon. I'm trying to reuse some parts of existing Nepomuk ontologies, and that's why I'd like to utilize one of nfo:Icon or nfo:Image classes. I've written following description:

mpo:hasIcon a rdf:Property ;
ÂÂÂ rdfs:label "hasIcon" ;
ÂÂÂ rdfs:comment "Reference to the icon assocciated with current profile" ;
ÂÂÂ nrl:maxCardinality 1 ;
ÂÂÂ rdfs:domain mpo:Profile ;
ÂÂÂ rdfs:range nfo:Image .

After uploading my ontology, I import a ttl file having following dataset:

<MyCar> a mpo:Profile ;
ÂÂ Â ÂÂ mpo:name "Car" ;
ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ mpo:hasIcon "urn:uuid:981e3c86-b0be-e38c-f224-cc2dce8810c5" ;
ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ mpo:xpos 10 ;
ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ mpo:ypos 12 .

where mpo:hasIcon is the Image Id i've received using that query: select ?s { ?s a nfo:Image .}
And now, when I try to get my data using following query, I get nothing: select ?s ?t { ?s a mpo:Profile; mpo:hasIcon ?t . }
Maybe someone knows what is wrong with it.
Is that ID urn:uuid:981e3c86-b0be-e38c-f224-cc2dce8810c5 a correct ID of nfo:Image?

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