Re: [Tracker] Question about metadata in images (jpg and tiff)

Okay I ran some tests on some files I added metadata to and this is what I found:

For jpg and tiff you can tag them with Windows Explorer and add metadata for Title, Subject, Author, Keywords, and Comments.  I ran tracker against them and a tracker-extract revealed that none of these Windows Explorer tags get extracted

I also added metadata with Irfanview which allows the entry of IPTC metadata for jpg and got mixed results.  There are 18 different metadata items supported by IPTC for a jpg and tracker extracted 7 of them( copyright, keywords, byline, city, sublocation, state, country).

I also examined wmv video files and Windows Explorer can add metadata for title and comments.  Tracker extracted title, but not comments.

I am attaching a photo that has a complete set of Windows Explorer and Irfanview added metadata if anyone wants it.  All the metadata entries are elements in the periodic table(easier to see them that way)

Ken Schmedding

Attachment: Test1.jpg
Description: JPEG image

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