Re: [Tracker] About nmm:Photo

There is a bug report in MeeGo project.My situation is same as it.

Any more details need, please feel free to tell me.


2010/9/2 Martyn Russell <martyn lanedo com>:
On 01/09/10 09:39, Matt Yung wrote:

    I'm a new user of tracker and meet a problem.
When I exec
"SELECT nie:url(nie:isStoredAs(?photo)) nie:mimeType(?photo) ?photo
WHERE{?photo a nmm:Photo}",
I got an empty result.
But when I exec
"SELECT ?fileName WHERE { ?contact a nfo:FileDataObject; nfo:fileName
I got the files existed in the system including some jpg files.

My question is what should I do to tracker can make nmm:Photo return the
right file list.
And How could user set file types that can be chosen by nmm:Photo.


Does tracker-search -i show anything?

The difference being tracker-search -i looks for nfo:Image, not photo.
However, looking at the source, both should be set in most cases for most

If tracker-search doesn't show the files, can you attach the image here
and/or report a bug with the details in it?



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