Re: [Tracker] Does Tracker really needs a keyfile?

On Wed, 2010-09-01 at 09:31 +0800, Wukon_Hsieh acer com tw wrote:

I built and run the test cases in Tracker using Meego handset image -
and, I got an error message as following :

This is just a test for the flickr miner, as far as I know. On a proper
MeeGo or Harmattan release should this miner be disabled.

You indeed don't need the passwords.cfg file for normal operation.

Tracker-CRITICAL **: Could not load GKeyFile password file, No such
file or directory
FAIL: tracker-password-provider-test

After I traced the code, I understood that I need to add a keyfile at
- "~/.config/tracker/passwords.cfg", and the content is like that:

After I add this keyfile, all test cases passed!!
So, I think the test cases might needs a keyfile.
But, it will not be provided as default installation, strangely, it
still works!?
Does Tracker really needs a keyfile?
What things might happen if we don't have it?


Wukon Hsieh

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