Re: [Tracker] Compilation Error Tracker 0.9.23

On 05/10/10 07:36, Vijay Chavan (RBEI/ECV3) wrote:
Tracker-miner-fs is present at

Please find attached log.

It seems you get this error:

(tracker-miner-fs:12162): Tracker-CRITICAL **: FD passing unsupported or connection disconnected

Which is likely down to a broken installation of Tracker and/or D-Bus. D-Bus >= 1.3.1 is required to build Tracker and for normal operation. Are you sure you're not running an old version of D-Bus?

I have seen this in the past when binaries of an old d-bus are installed, but development files of a new d-bus exist in $prefix too. Can you sanity check your set up there?


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