[Tracker] Tracker - Problems indexing video files

Hello guys,

  I use tracker and I notice that tracker is not able to index video files (ogv, avi, wmv etc.). I tried to study the problem but I got blocked. Can this issue be related with the metadata inside the containers holding the media information?

  Commands like:

  -  tracker-search ogv 
  -  tracker-search wmv

  Do not return anything. Also when I do tracker-info on a video file I do not get any informations. I must mention that the indexing has gone all the way so there was no possibility that the files were not indexed. 

 Can you help.

 P.S. You guys here are great. Whenever I asked a question I received an answer in the blink of an eye, thank you for that. It really is a great community. Keep doing a really great job!

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