Re: [Tracker] Tracker database storage according to diskspace limit

ok...  what about the disconnected-device's data stored in tracker? does tracker free-up disk space (LRU) to 
store metadata for newly connected-device?

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Le Fri, 28 May 2010 08:17:08 -0700 (PDT),
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tracker diskspace is configured to use 1 GB, then later it would stop
indexing reaching the configured diskspace limit.At the same time, a
usb device is plugged into the system, does tracker delete the
existing data (by using least recently used (LRU) scheme) to allocate
the disk-space for storing metadata for new device?

Also, should tracker be configurable to set the metadata data types,
for e.g., extractor extract 128 bytes of ArtistName but tracker
should allocate/store only 100 bytes for this field.
Storage itself is done by SQLite, and I think artistName is stored as
TEXT. Not only extractors insert data into Tracker, so we don't put
restrictions based on a particular metadata format.




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