Re: [Tracker] tracker plugin for iphone/blutooth

It also depends on what you want to extract. If you want to index files on
these devices, you can probably expose them as mounted devices, and the FS
miner will pick them up.



On Tue, 18 May 2010 09:54:30 -0700 (PDT), Remo Remo <remo rremo yahoo com>
so the solution would be to write miner for each bluetooth  font-size:

FROM: Martyn Russell 
TO: Remo Remo 
CC: tracker-list gnome org
SENT: Mon, May 17, 2010 3:41:14 PM
SUBJECT: Re: [Tracker] tracker plugin for iphone/blutooth

 On Sat, 2010-05-15 at 10:44 -0700, Remo Remo wrote:

is their any plugin provided by tracker to extract metadata for
bluetooth & ipod/iphone devices?

No not right now.

Also, please avoid re-posting to the list.

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