Re: [Tracker] Prevent removed files from being removed from the db

On Mon, 2010-05-17 at 10:07 -0400, Nikolaus Rath wrote:

I want to store lots of (valuable) additional metadata about my files in
the tracker database.

However, I am a little bit concerned about the safety of this
information. Apparently, tracker deletes everything that is associated
with a given file if it can't find the file itself.

Is there a way to make tracker keep all the information in the database,
even if the file temporarily disappears?

This is not possible, for file (system) resources

I'm worried about network failures, disconnected external drives,
accidental renames of the directory etc.

Disconnected external drives are handled, the resource's tracker:-
available will be set to false for resources that are located on a
disconnected external drive. The resource itself will not be deleted in
such an event, from the RDF store.

Network resources we never delete ourselves, and these are handled by
the various web miners being developed by Adrien.

We don't recommend nor support indexing network mount points like SMB or
NFS. Among the reasons are bandwidth utilization (we will pull in the
entire filesystem over your network during indexing, not good).




Philip Van Hoof
freelance software developer
Codeminded BVBA -

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