Re: [Tracker] Proposal to improve tracker-miner-fs "up-to-date" check performance

2010/3/30 Chen, Zhenqiang <zhenqiang chen intel com>:
Carlos Garnacho wrote:

As Philip said, we should take into account memory usage as well, and
keeping a hashtable for each known item is not going to be nice...
TrackerCrawler guarantees that any directory will be processed after
its parent folder, and all the items in a directory will be processed
together, so we very probably can do this on a per-folder basis.

Agree. Combining with Philip and your suggestion, I prefer the logic as:

(1) get the total count of items with SPARQL's COUNT.
    if count > 1000
         do per-folder basis query with OFFSET and LIMIT
        get all items once.

For most systems like netbook or handset, there are not much items.

I would very much appreciate such a "batched" mode during initial crawling.

When I login, tracker keeps my CPU busy for  about 2-3min at 100%
during the initial crawling.
Around 50% of CPU is taken by tracker-store (my guess because of the
dbus messages).
The other half is taken by tracker-miner-fs.
I'd hope by sending larger chunks in a single dbus message, the CPU
usage of tracker-store is also going down.


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