Re: [Tracker] Deskbar Applet - to be or not to be?

On Thu, 2010-03-25 at 12:45 -0400, Jamie McCracken wrote:
without a maintainer (or at least a guarantee from someone to fix bugs
before important releases), it cannot remain in the tracker repo

Totally agree.

If this deskbar module is going to be in tracker, then tracker
maintainers should take care of this. I'm not telling that this module
should be in tracker; rather, I think it should be part of deskbar
project itself, so deskbar maintainers should maintain it (obviously, if
deskbar project is going to die with the arrive of gnome 3.0, then
forget about them).

Anyway, my intention was to avoid dropping the patches to garbage. So if
someone is interested in using them either for maintaining or to use in
a different work, then feel free to do it.


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