[Tracker] Suggestion of things to add to the nmm ontology


I'm currently working on a MP4 (audio/video) extractor for tracker, and so I came to the idea of the following changes in the nmm ontology :

For the audio aspect:
 nmm:musicPiece :
    - Add an integer diskNumber
    - Add a boolean isPodcast
- Add a link to the RadioStation (to link the podcast to the source where it could have been recorded)

 nmm:MusicAlbum :
    - Add an integer albumDiskCount
    - Add a boolean isCompilation
- Add a string synopsis or description (It is not the same as nie:comment, Some times you want to add some *summary*/*history* to the album, like the text that is present in the book associated with a cd, when you buy one).

(Maybe synopsis could also be added to musicPiece as when we think about a podcast or an Audio Book for example)

For the video aspect:
- Add a string episodeId ( It is different from the episodeNumber. It is a little like the musicPiece unique id, but in the context of the videoAlbum. ) - Add an integer chapterCount (To store the number of chapter that could have a video) - Add a boolean isPodcast (don't know if this one is really needed, but could serve one day)
- Add soundtrack a link to a musicPiece
And/or - soundtrackAlbum a link to a musicAlbum.
- Add TVStation  a link to a container (described in the following)

Would be similar to RadioStation. (Could we already use nie:title for their name?)

Should be modified to be similar to have VideoAlbum as range instead of nfo:MediaList to be similar to MusicAlbum.
With at least:
- A string synopsis
- an integer albumEpisodeCount
- an integer albumSeasonCount
and could have like musicalbum:
albumArtist, albumDuration, albumTitle,  and MPAARating, category, isSeries

Is there already a field in an ontology that we could use for userrating, copyright string, license?

And maybe it could be good to add a "year" field in nmm or in nfo:media, as often the media meta tags only reference the year of the media and not the full date, and so, using/filling the complete creation date could a filling of incorrect values, as we will choose randomly the other part of the date like saying 2010 correspond to 01-01-2010.


Florent Viard
Software Development Engineer
fviard lacie com

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