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Le dimanche 21 mars 2010 Ã 15:00 +0200, Alexey Fisher a Ãcrit :
Hallo all,


i ready talked about interpreting DCIM files system to extract more
data. Here i compiled short document with more detailed description.

Please you have any constructive ideas, notices or you have some data
about you digicam pleas send me. If you like this idea, post it on your
blog or talk about it on your forum.

I like this idea but it makes me think about something more
complicated... Currently, Tracker processes EXIF data and basically you
would like to add more data to find pictures or group of pictures.

I would be also interested in finding pictures that contain someone who
I am looking for. Such a feature requires face recognition. Of course it
would be more interesting to enable recognition of any type of "object":
animals, plants, buildings... To find pictures, two kinds of input
queries may be available: one with text, another one with sketches
roughly drawn by users.

Does somebody plan to add such features in Tracker (for pictures first
but they may be extended to videos for automatic identification of
chapters/scenes)? Would Tracker be able to store appropriate data to
find someone/something in a picture when this picture has been proceeded
to extract its content?



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