[Tracker] T-S-T UI Review of .7.x versus .6.x


Having recently switched over to the .7.x version of Tracker I had some observations and a question about the functionality of the T-S-T in .7.x.  My primary question is if there are plans or schedule to add functionality to the T-S-T in the near future.  There are some very useful features from the .6.x branch that have not been implemented.  Thank you for any responses.  Tracker is a great product!

My observations of .6.x features not implemented in .7.x

1.  No indication of number of files found in total and by category.
2.  No support for list mode in results.
3.  The "snippets" are gone which gave context to the results.  This was very useful, although in .6.x it was somewhat broken if you did OR searches (It would give you a snippet for every OR term even if it wasn't found in the file)
4.  Inability to select more than 1 result and a missing right click menu with actions to perform.  .6.x had a right click menu that had open, open folder, move to trash, and save results as.
5.  No page keys on the GUI for paging through results.

The search as you type and globbing support in .7.x which was not in .6.x are great new features.


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