[Tracker] tracker-search and tracker-search-tool options in 0.7.24


I was attempting to do some searches with an OR operator and could not get it to work.  By my read of the of the documentation a command such as tracker-search -r foo bar I expected to find all hits with either search term. I tried many variations and the results confused me. Here is an example of my data set and the results:
foo (should be 11 incidences)
bar (should be 46 incidences)
foo AND bar (should be 3 incidences)
foo OR bar (should be 54 incidences)

tracker-search foo bar             yields 3 hits (correct for an AND)
tracker-search -r foo bar          yields 3 hits
tracker-search -r bar || foo        yields 46 hits
tracker-search -r foo || bar        yields  11 hits

I tried many combinations including the --or-operator, brackets and such and simply could not get an OR operation to work.  Same goes for the GUI tracker-search-tool.  Am I missing something?


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