Re: [Tracker] 0.6.96 index corrupted

On 08/03/10 19:35, JS suh wrote:
Hi all,


1) I've got the following error when indexed 220,000 files out of
370,000 files
"There was an error while performing indexing. index corrupted"

This sounds like QDBM reached its limit.

In the log it says,

"The Maximum number of monitoring to set (7692) has been reached, not
adding any new ones."

This is another error (explained below).

Are there any config tweaks that I can change to continue/finish
indexing? I tried indexing 3 times and it died almost every time when it
hits around 220,000 files. BTW, my test box is Fedora.

The inotify limit is about 8k on some systems, we allow a maximum of the system maximum - 512 (IIRC). It isn't great, but this is a limitation of the inotify technology itself. The FANotify which is being developed by RedHat will hopefully make this issue go away as soon as it is available. For now, we can't do much about it.

2) It seems like the tracker doesn't know what to do with MS Office 2008
docx files. Any comments on that?

Yes. It isn't supported in tracker 0.6. We have only just added support to 0.7 for that. In either case, I suggest you upgrade since 0.6 is pretty old and no where near as good as 0.7. The code base has been radically redesigned since 0.6.


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