Re: [Tracker] suggestions: some cleanups

On Fri, 2010-06-04 at 11:26 +0200, Tshepang Lekhonkhobe wrote:


This mail is regarding control files (.firsttimeindex,
crawl-interval.txt, .metaisrunning) for lack of a better name.

Can we have some consistency regarding where these files are located
(they are all over the place) as well as the naming policy (some are
hidden and others are not).

* put files related to user-input in .local/share/tracker (crawl-interval.txt)
* put other files in .cache/tracker (.firsttimeindex, .metaisrunning)

OK, so:

* .firsttimeindex is now first-index.txt
* crawl-interval.txt is now last-crawl.txt

I didn't change .metaisrunning, though I would prefer this was updated
too be a .txt too. I don't feel too strongly on the extension, only that
they're all the same.

I also put the version of tracker as content for first-index.txt too so
we know with which version the first index took place.

* I got a patch where I implement TST history persistence
( and put the
history file in .local/share/tracker, so I suppose that it's in the
right place

It's on my radar ;)

* should we have some of these files hidden?
* on tracker-control -r, .firsttimeindex does the correct thing by not
claiming to be removed even when it din't exist, so I think the rest
of the files, including DB files, should be that honest
* content.db in unused, so shouldn't be generated

I think making these files hidden in a hidden directory is silly. I
don't know if .txt is the right extension, but they are text files so I
don't see the problem there.

As for the tracker-control issue. I made the changes in libtracker-db so
tracker-control automatically works now with -r too.


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