Re: [Tracker] is data-type of each field (metadata) stored in database is configurable?

On 02/06/10 18:02, Jackson Lawson wrote:
i have given just one scenario.. but there many instances where i
would have to change the datatype of which tracker is maintaining in
sqlite, to control the storage constraints..

I don't see the use case for this, can you tell me why this should be necessary?

I only need to index media files and tracker is creating table for
all supported formats(radio,email,im,...), so m looking forward for a
way to remove the unsupported formats&  update the existing media
datatype to use tracker in low memory as effficient as possible...

Well, you can decide to not ship some of the ontologies, but you do so at your peril :)

The extra tables have NO data in them until they're populated so the extra _disk space_ is pretty insignificant. Also, this is not _memory_ we're talking about.


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