[Tracker] noob installing 0.7.17

Hi all,

I downloaded and successfully compiled the latest tracker 0.7.17.
I set some options using the system>preferences>search and indexing (ubuntu 9.10).
however, tracker didnt start and calling trackerd and the cli I got the message that there was no such command.

after restarting the computer I get the animated magnifying glass icon.
leftclick on the icon gets me applications 100% and file system 0%.
The files in /home/bjorn/.cache/tracker are not changing size, so I think tracker is not working, despite the animated icon?

Could someone tell me how to proceed? The instructions on the metatracker website seem outdated?
I do not have any of the ubuntu tracker packages installed:

tracker (0.6.95)
tracker-dbg (0.6.95)
tracker-search-tool (0.6.95)
tracker-utils (0.6.95)

Do I need any of these? Or newer versions of these? Are there newer packages avaliable?

I would like to write a guide for compiling, installing and using the modern versions of tracker for people who are not developers that I could contribute to the tracker website.

Thanks in advance for responses!
Björn Johansson
Assistant Professor
Departament of Biology
University of Minho
Campus de Gualtar
4710-057 Braga
Work (direct) +351-253 601517
Private mob. +351-967 147 704
Dept of Biology (secretariate) +351-253 60 4310
Dept of Biology (fax) +351-253 678980

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