Re: [Tracker] build failure if build twice in a row

2010/1/15 Michael Biebl <mbiebl gmail com>:
make[5]: Entering directory `/tmp/tracker-0.7.16/src/plugins/kmail'
ÂCC Â Â tracker-kmail-registrar.lo
tracker-kmail-registrar.c:40:42: error:
tracker-kmail-registrar-glue.h: No such file or directory

Just looking at the problem very briefly:
In there is
dbus_sources = tracker-kmail-registrar-glue.h

%-glue.h: %.xml
â       $(AM_V_GEN)$(DBUSBINDINGTOOL) --mode=glib-server --output=$@
--prefix=$(subst -,_,$*) $^

BUILT_SOURCES = $(dbus_sources)

But I couldn't find a tracker-kmail-registrar.xml file anywhere.

What is the status of this kmail plugin anyway? Should it be

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universe are pointed away from Earth?

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