[Tracker] ANNOUNCE: tracker 0.7.20 released

tracker 0.7.20 is now available for download from:

b0ad58821a88e840048958eb3d01c9cc  tracker-0.7.20.tar.gz

What is it?
All-in-one indexer, search tool and metadata database.

Where can I find out more?
You can visit the project web site:


What's New?

  * Updated ttl_sgml documentation tool to add notice for deprecations

  * Fixed range of dc:source
  * Changed domain of nmo:isAnswered from nmo:Email to nmo:Message
  * Add IMAddress and adapt existing IM classes and properties for NCO
  * Deprecated nmm:length and replaced all uses with nfo:duration

  * Added more functional tests for distance ontology

  * Don't emit multiple changed signals for one edit in TrackerConfigFile
  * Added tracker_gslist_with_string_data_equal()
  * Fixed documentation warnings/missing chapters

  * Moved tracker-sparql-builder here from libtracker-common
  * Port tracker_sparql_builder_object_unvalidated() to Vala
  * Fixed documentation warnings/missing chapters
  * Fixed linking using -export-symbols-regex
  * Fixed pkg-config .pc file

  * Fix error handling when using non-existing class

  * Use G_MAXINT for tracker D-Bus timeout
  * Refine the list of exported symbols
  * Make tracker-{miner-manager|crawler}.h part of the public API
  * Renamed some APIs in TrackerMinerFS
  * Don't print estimated time remaining message more than once/5 seconds
  * Renamed the Writeback() D-Bus method to IgnoreNextUpdate()
  * Fixed G_IS_OBJECT(file) crash
  * Fixed check for processing state in crawl_directories_start()
  * Fixed documentation warnings/missing chapters
  * Fixed linking using -export-symbols-regex
  * Fixed pkg-config .pc file

  * Do not include tracker-statement-list.h
  * Fixed documentation warnings/missing chapters
  * Fixed linking using -export-symbols-regex
  * Fixed pkg-config .pc file

  * Fixed nfo:belongsToContainer.
* Add support for real time updates of the indexed directories from config

  * Use G_MAXINT for tracker D-Bus timeout

  * Make sure we generate empty SPARQL statements
  * Fixed freeing a constant
  * Fixed memory problems with MSOffice extractor
  * Support for nmm:lyricist in MP3 files

  * Fixed to work with recent anonymous file node changes

  * Use the tracker icon for the tracker-search-bar applet


  * GB#609532, Expand search for album coverart
  * GB#609327, Remove libtracker-gtk
  * GB#609607, Make tracker build without assuming implicit DSO linking
  * NB#155064, Height and width are not extracted for images of GIF formats
  * NB#156571, Aspect ratio are not extracted for video files


  * Updated sv: Daniel Nylander
  * Updated es: Jorge González
  * Updated nb: Kjartan Maraas


  The database version up has been incremented, this will force a
  reindex for any existing Tracker installation.

  The Deskbar applet packaged with Tracker is currently out of date
  and needs some love to get it working with the new APIs. It is in
  the same state as it was for 0.6. As such it isn't expected to work.

11 February 2010
Tracker team

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