Re: [Tracker] Files don't get indexed

I issued the command : tracker-control -m application/pdf
  and the miner started to index my files.

Question: how to do it without using tracker-control? am i missing something in my installation/distribution concerning the MIME type management ?

Le 18/12/2010 22:45, s.b a écrit :
I've installed libexempi (was not automatically installed ?!), cleared the cache, restart tracker-store & miner-fs:
But still no indexing (i mean metadata extraction)...
need help :)

Le 18/12/2010 17:21, s.b a écrit :
Hi again
It seems my installation was not correct (using archlinux pacman tool):
From a manual 'tracker-extract -v 2' :
Could not load module '':

but i've found: /usr/lib/tracker-0.8/extract-modules/

So what is the best way to link these "missing" libs ?


Le 18/12/2010 16:58, s.b a écrit :
I'm using 0.8.17 on archlinux distribution, Linux xbook 2.6.36-ARCH #1 SMP PREEMPT and I can't get my files indexed

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