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Hi  team,

Call for papers for FOSDEM. 

Don't be late


Philip Van Hoof
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Hi everyone,

Just a reminder that the deadline is coming in less than 10 days (22nd
of December).
This year, GNOME won't have its own devroom for a day as the previous
years, but the crossdesktop devroom will run for two days. So if you
were planning to give a talk in the GNOME devroom, you'll have to
apply for one in the crossdesktop devroom instead.



(call for paper email below)

2010/11/16 Christophe Fergeau <teuf gnome org>:
[Forwarding this email on Bart's behalf, I'll be the gnome contact for
the fosdem devroom]

FOSDEM is one of the biggest Free and Open Source events. It is held annually
in Brussels, Belgium, and attended by around 4000 people. This year we will
have a devroom for 2 days dedicated to Cross-Desktop talks and topics. As
opposed to previous years, there will be no KDE, or Gnome, or XFCE specific
devrooms this year. The cross-desktop devroom will have talks on all topics
that are interesting to the users and developers of all desktop environments.
FOSDEM will be held on the weekend of 5 and 6th February 2011, and the
deadline for submissions for papers is Wednesday 22nd December 2010.

We're looking for developers, users and contributors to submit talks for
inclusion on the program. We are specifically looking for topics that are of
interest to the users and developers of all desktop environments.

Please submit your proposals to:
crossdesktop lists fosdem org

Please include the following information when submitting a proposal:

* Your name
* The title of your talk (please be descriptive, as titles will be
listed with ~250 from other projects)
* A short abstract of one to two paragraphs

The deadline for submissions is Wednesday 22nd December 2010. FOSDEM will be
held on the weekend of 5 and 6th February 2011.

Kind regards,
Bart Coppens

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