Re: [Tracker] ANNOUNCE: tracker 0.9.31 released (unstable)

On 13/12/10 03:56, Michael Biebl wrote:

Hi there,

2010/12/10 Martyn Russell<martyn lanedo com>:
  * build: Binaries built now use *stable* named versions only (i.e. 0.10 not

So, 0.9.31 is not declared stable yet, but you already use the stable
version names. That's a bit confusing.
Could you elaborate on this?


Do you expect no more API incompatible changes before the stable release?

It's not really about that. We did this for a few reasons:

- It just makes switching when we do a stable release that much easier and less (potentially) problematic on the day.

- The library version has the actual version in it anyway, so I don't see it being confusing, i.e. "", == 0.9.30.

- Applications don't have to switch from unstable 0.9.x version dependencies to 0.10.x in their projects when we start stable releases (i.e. with pkg-config checks in configure). They just continue seamlessly.

- Using pkg-config --modversion tracker-sparql-0.10 still reports the correct version. Any packages build using the debian machinery or others should also have the correct version anyway.

- Vala does it as I am sure other projects do (GStreamer? not checked)

What about it is confusing for you?

And on a completely different note, "make install" seems to install
over 150Mb of data into /usr/share/tracker-tests here.

They don't, If you build with --disable-functional-tests they shouldn't be built or installed. I didn't know it was 150Mb though, that's quite shocking. If the --disable-functional-tests doesn't do it, --disable-gtk-doc definitely should.

Is that really intentional? Why do those files need to be installed?

They're installed because the tests are run on some systems as a means of testing Tracker before it is integrated into some repositories. I sorry, I can only be vague here, but it should be possible to disable with the flag above.


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