Re: [Tracker] Can I write a proprietary plug-in to extract meta data from a private file format?

On 01/12/10 14:48, Lin, Mengdong wrote:
We met this license issue because we want to support OMA DRM. And we
hope to write an extractor plug-in to handle this DRM file format.
OMA DRM adds an encryption wrapper outside the original media
content. The rich meta data can only be extracted after decryption.
Unfortunately, the DRM decryption library is proprietary and so the
plug-in linked against it cannot be GPL.

In addition, there is a GPL GStreamer extractor plug-in. There may be
the same license issue when using it on DRM-protected files, because
GStreamer plug-ins that support DRM are usually proprietary. So, GPL
and proprietary components will coexist in the same process.

If tracker-extract and released plug-ins could be re-licensed to
LGPL, same as GStreamer, it would be very helpful for DRM support.

If you mean the "GStreamer" plugin for Tracker, then it should be doable. If you mean GStreamer itself, you would have to talk to them about that.

Third-party can support multi-scheme DRM by implementing different
proprietary plug-ins, without contradiction to GPL.

I see.


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