Re: [Tracker] [PATCH] Port tracker from libdevkit-power-gobject to libupower-glib

On 14/04/10 09:11, Philip Van Hoof wrote:
On Wed, 2010-04-14 at 04:32 +0200, Michael Biebl wrote:


as you are probably aware, devicekit-power has been deprecated and
replaced by upower.
upower still ships a compat library libdevkit-power-gobjec, which
tracker currently uses, but it's recommended to use the new library

The attached patch ports tracker from libdevkit-power-gobject to libupower-glib.

The patch is based on my latest patch series, so does not directly
apply on top of master.
If you prefer, I can rebase the patch on master and resend it.

Please do

Assuming of course you refer to the patches you posted here just recently to fix the Makefiles?

If so, then no! Please don't rebase for master. It is extra work and for no point whatsoever. I plan to push those changes almost immediately.

fwiw, I set the minimum version of libupower-glib to 0.9.2, because
that is the version I tested the patch with. It most likely should
also work with earlier releases like 0.9.0 if that is a concern.

Hmm, from a brief Google for the packages hitting the next Ubuntu version, 0.9.0 looks like the version they're shipping with. I would try to use that if possible.


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