Re: [Tracker] Indexing mounted remote filesystems

On 09/04/10 14:35, Aleksander Morgado wrote:
Hi all,


I was reviewing GB#511474, to see which would be the proper fix for it.
But first, I would like to clarify the desired behavior of the indexing
of mounted remote filesystems.

The bug report seems quite old, not inline with current master, but it
seems to mean that even if the option to skip checking mounted remote
filesystems is disabled, some of them they get actually indexed.

I am not really sure if automatically indexing every remote filesystem
mounted is a desired feature, even more when Tracker doesn't actually
automatically index recursively the user's home directory. My impression
is that if the indexing of the mounted remote filesystem is ever
required by a user, she can add the corresponding mount point manually
in the list of directories to index. Which approach is the proper one?

Adding the directory manually is what I currently do, however, it is mounted outside of $HOME, so I would have to anyway. This option is more about cases like:

  mount /dev/some/memory/card $HOME/Desktop/mmc

Do we index the MMC or not? The point here is not for every mounted filesystem, but more "should be traverse directories which are mounted filesystems if they're inside a configured location?".

And if current master doesn't currently support this, shouldn't the
configuration option be disabled/removed until implemented?

It would be quite easy to remove this. It exists as an option from the old 0.6 days, right now it has yet to be re-implemented since the huge work that went into 0.7.

Currently, if a remote filesystem is mounted through Nautilus using
sftp, tracker-miner-fs fully skips it:
09 Apr 2010, 15:26:17: Tracker: Mount:'sftp on', now
mounted on:'/home/aleksander/.gvfs/sftp on'
09 Apr 2010, 15:26:17: Tracker:   Being ignored because we have no

Hmm, we should perhaps look into this one.


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