[Tracker] Merging proposal: libtracker-miner


There has been ongoing development on the libtracker-miner branch to
develop a set of base objects for data miners, it has shifted much of
the tracker-miner-fs internals in there, and also aims to replace the
older indexer modules API. Here's an overview of changes:


        TrackerMiner: This is an abstract base class for miners, does
        all the DBus stuff for free, and provides signals for
        pausing/resuming/status... but doesn't do much by itself. Also
        provides some control on commit, such as not doing so when
        paused, etc...
        TrackerMinerFS: TrackerMiner implementation (also abstract) for
        getting data from the filesystem. It does crawling, monitoring
        and mtime checks, and provides hooks for implementations to
        specify the behavior (what to crawl, how to discard, how to get
        the data, ...)
        TrackerMinerManager: not a miner, it's used by tracker-status
        and the applet to get information from, and manage miners
The tracker-miner-fs executable now implements 2 miners:

        TrackerMinerApplications: Replaces the applications module.
        TrackerMinerFiles: Replaces the files module, plus the generic
        metadata extraction functions.
The tracker-applet is now on its way to be reimplemented (ATM it's
compiled in src/tracker-applet/tracker-status-icon), and provides
information about individual miners, you can see a screenshot at

So, I think that, even if it still has some rough edges, it could be
worth to merge in master for further development, what do you think? :)


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