Re: [Tracker] New website layout

On 26/11/09 18:51, Michele Mattioni wrote:


It's a real step forward and I think it should be merged in master.

Two suggestions:
1. The text in the header png maybe can be white

Yea, I think we can do that.

2. The use of Nautilus or Totem is still to criptic.

You mean it should be file manager or video application?

What actions are
required from the user to start using it? There are any?

It should just work.

I remember ubuntu disabled the support for tracker in the official
nautilus. Dunno if it is still the case.

I think it is disabled in nautilus. It didn't work here. That's a distribution thing though. Support is there.

Some random thoughts about the projects supporting tracker. Are still
supporting it or not?

I don't like doing this. It means we have to keep a list of apps somewhere and support for things like this can change and adds to our maintenance burden.

Do we have to discriminate between the 0.6.9x series and the 0.7 from
the third pary support?

What do you mean? We do in the documentation page because things are quite different and documentation about the new tracker is more useful since people starting to use it should really be using the latest and greatest.

Thanks for the comments.


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