[Tracker] ANNOUNCE: tracker 0.6.91 released

tracker 0.6.91 is now available for download from:

b25ce696e033669c42fa204425564f12  tracker-0.6.91.tar.gz

What is it?
All-in-one indexer, search tool and metadata database.

Where can I find out more?
You can visit the project web site:

What's New?
- Fixed trackerd 'ServiceStatisticsUpdated' signal.
- Fixed a crash when removing a resource from a removable device.
- Fixed test case failures for MP3 files.
- Fixed subsequent album art requests trying if already downloading
- Fixed support for SCHED_IDLE.
- Fixed config so we make sure we load defaults for missing options.
- Fixed warning in indexer about thumbnailer delete action reply.
- Fixed regression, use "/" on end of generated URI paths for raptor.
- Fixed leaking file descriptors thought to cause "too many open files".
- Fixed negative underflow with gint16 value clamp in TrackerDBIndex.
- Fixed indexer corner case to flush when an item has been removed.
- Fixed .xsession-errors being populated with startup version info
- Fixed small regression in group concatenation db function.
- Fixed overwrite existing logs if already running (indexer/extractor).
- Fixed QDBM statistics for deleted items.
- Fixed deskbar so we find the right DBus service names.
- Fixed URI creation in indexer removable device module.
- Fixed leaks in indexer removable device module.
- Fixed MP3 frame size calculation.
- Fixed log handling, don't overwrite existing logs if already running.
- Fixed indexer responsiveness for ttl restores by iterating main loop.
- Fixed tracker-indexer reporting elapsed times suriously.
- Fixed tracker-indexer memory leak when retrieving embedded metadata.
- Fixed compiler warnings.
- Fixed problems in joining of order fields.
- Fixed issue with integer to string conversion in the database.
- Fixed tracker-extract blocking indefinitely for buggy modules.
- Fixed GetStats to check mounted volumes and to use SQL COUNT function.
- Fixed TrackerDBIndex so words with negative weight are actually indexed.
- Fixed indexer not shutting down and stopping before it should.
- Fixed indexer to reset indexed/processed stats after finishing.
- Fixed standard monitored directory list to omit .games/
- Fixed Makefiles which were missing WARN_CFLAGS.
- Fixed daemon so it now monitors disk space (was in indexer).
- Fixed daemon so it now monitors battery percentage (was in indexer).
- Fixed daemon state machine so we ALWAYS log state changes.
- Fixed daemon state machine so we don't return Initializing after index.
- Fixed album art so we don't add the artist name to the request.
- Fixed extractor messaging so we use debug statements for metadata.
- Fixed indexer to delete content for removed services.
- Fixed album art local URI not always being passed.
- Added Image:HasKeywords field for performance.
- Added warnings when we try to write to QDBM after opening as READONLY
- Added DB versions for vstore and 0.6.91 which force reindex if different.
- Added org.freedesktop.Tracker.Backup DBus interface.
- Added collation locale startup check and regeneration on change.
- Added GCC gcov support.
- Added new DBus function to get concatenated metadata group fields.
- Added new DBus function to Backup metadata to Turtle file.
- Added support for coverage reporting with gcov.
- Added IPTC support for TIFF and JPEG extractors
- Added dependency for libiptcdata.
- Added a configure switch to disable decompressing .ps.gz files to /tmp.
- Added initial push plugin support for KMail and RSS.
- Added NULL support to outer joins for conditions with empty strings.
- Added ModuleConfig option to ignore directories based on contents.
- Added album art code to libtracker-common for general use.
- Removed XESAM support completely.
- Removed all unused libtracker-common file functions.
- Removed a lot of unused code after adding WARN_CFLAGS.
- Removed duplicate calls to g_strstrip() for metadata in extractor.
- Removed unused extractors exif and gstreamer-playbin.
- Reduced the amount of debugging produced by HAL module.
- Reworked the src/plugin infrastructure to be more generic.
- Improved speed by using the cache for recursive deletes in the daemon.
- Improved speed by not setting DB page sizes so SQLite decides for us.
- Improved speed by removing UTF8 collation from Services table.
- Improved speed by making indexer flushing work asynchronously.
- Improved speed by making indexer flush frequency variable based on queue.
- Improved database GROUP_CONCAT aggregate function.
- Improved Backup/Turtle support.
- Improved indexer flush time from 60 seconds to 30 seconds, seems faster.
- Improved daemon dbus request pause time from 10 seconds to 5 seconds.
- Improved tracker-status so we can now follow real time state updates.
- Improved tracker utilities to g_print() a note if --limit is reached.
- Improved tracker utilities to use plural based translations.
- Improved tracker-services to sort properties listed.
- Updated extractors to use decodebin not playbin for speed.
- Updated project wide calls for mtime/size to use GIO not g_lstat().

Bugs Fixed:
- Fixed NB#105133, Mafw-tracker-source does not emit container-...
- Fixed NB#94201, NP-Audio:Album art not displayed.
- Fixed NB#96314, libexempi adds Creator in three different locations...
- Fixed LP#339560, buffer overflow getting file content.
- Fixed NB#102246, Container name is ‘blank’ within Artists/Albums...
- Fixed NB#103260, Empty 'Unknown' containers under Artists and Album...
- Fixed NB#103198, Unknown Category  displayed in Genre view
- Fixed NB#102210, Number of images in tracker response depends on...
- Fixed NB#91158, Restore factory settings is not working.
- Fixed NB#99823, Album art image gets corrupted if Artist and Album...
- Fixed NB#99827, Tracker is listing the files from memory card even after...
- Fixed NB#102800, Crash corruption code
- Fixed NB#102606, Tracker doesn't get duration of some MP3 filex
- Fixed NB#102167, ML: Songs deleted from MMC shown in Library
- Fixed NB#98297, tracker-stats values are not changed even after deleting...
- Fixed NB#101593, images created from sketch application are listed...
- Fixed NB#101142, Sorting by Image:Date is incorrect
- Fixed NB#95573, Keep quiet, we're in a call
- Fixed GB#102606, [patch] NetBSD: gconf-internals.c: `AF_INET' undeclared (Mikael Ottela) - Fixed GB#105133, With a 3-monitor xinerama, window placement bad (Martyn Russell) - Fixed GB#103260, Session script setup that works with multiple *dm and supports a switchdesk-type feature etc. (Mikael Ottela) - Fixed GB#101593, FSF copyright notice wrong in gnome-panel panel (Mikael Ottela)
- Fixed GB#103198, gtk_tree_store_move_* doesn't work. (Mikael Ottela)
- Fixed GB#455588, indexing of Abiword templates slow (Carlos Garnacho)
- Fixed GB#489876, Unknown creation date for pdf files (Carlos Garnacho)
- Fixed GB#503595, check/uncheck "Genertate thumbnails" doesn't work (Carlos Garnacho)
- Fixed GB#101096, Save as Excel spreadsheet version 97 (Mikael Ottela)
- Fixed GB#572237, Remove deprecated Glib symbols (Carlos Garnacho)
- Fixed GB#571331, wrong range for throttling slider (Martyn Russell)
- Fixed GB#571573, Tracker's deskbar module has incorrect import (Michel Alexandre Salim)
- Fixed GB#101142, make breaks without xft (Mikael Ottela)
- Fixed GB#101296, Cannot find pixmaps balsa_icon.png and attachment.png (Martyn Russell) - Fixed GB#102800, xlstproc 1.0.23 fails to create directories using -o (Martyn Russell) - Fixed GB#519222, trackerd crashes when system dbus is restarted/stopped (Carlos Garnacho)
- Fixed GB#571736, Get rid of deprecated libart_lgpl

- Updated da: Mads Lundby
- Updated es: Jorge González, Jorge Gonzalez
- Updated hu: Gabor Kelemen
- Updated it: Luca Ferretti
- Updated pt: Nicolau Gonçalves, Nicolau Gonçalves <excentriko gmail
- Updated sv: Daniel Nylander

Manual Translations:

13 March 2009
tracker team

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