Re: [Tracker] Any plan for tracker 0.70?

On Thu, 2009-06-18 at 11:54 +0800, Jerry Tan wrote:

 About dependencies, that new tracker will use IIRC vala (>= 0.7.2) and
raptor (>= 1.6.18).
About Vala
it is a new language like c#,

Vala doesn't need a virtual machine, released software doesn't need vala
(we ship the C code that Vala generates with the tar.gz file). So it's
not quite like C#. The language's syntax looks like C#, that's true.

will tracker be rewrite using it or just some module ?
I notice that only one vala file exist on trunk now.

Tracker will gradually start using it more and more. Note that Vala
compiles to C code (a .c and a .h file) that uses GObject as type
system, this means that it integrates nicely with the rest of our code.

The same developer who wrote Vala is among our team of Tracker
developers, so that might explain why we'll start using Vala more often.

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