Re: [Tracker] The quadruple, team conversations on IRC

On 29/07/09 13:53, Philip Van Hoof wrote:
This is a mail describing what the team has been discussing on IRC, so
that people who aren't on IRC can follow up too.

Hi :)

o. We want to start having a quadruple alongside the decomposed sqlite

    o. Such a quadruple will allow us to implement backup

    o. Such a quadruple will allow us to implement named graph support

I think we need some real world examples here. At least from what I have seen with 0.6. the problems come when we want to store data like LastPlayed or Tags and from multiple locations. For example, if there are 2 media players or perhaps a file can be used in a video player AND a music player and they both want to store LastPlayed independently or have Tags uniquely set by themselves not shown between all players.

Are there any others good examples I have missed here?

       o. Makes it possible for synchronization software to make somewhat
          intelligent decisions based on for example origin of the triple
       o. Allows us to store the origin of metadata (local, flickr,
          facebook, etc)
       o. Would make the KDE people interested in using Tracker for their
          mobile targets (according to discussions with them at the
          desktop summit conference earlier this month)
       o. Avoids the embedded/non-embedded metadata issue when updating
          indexed files as we'd know the origin for each statement

I am quite interested to know technically what changes this means? Another table? another database?

Does it just stop the "location" that wrote the data (like an application name)?

I heard Jürg mention that we would have one big table with links to decomposed tables, is that right? i.e. we don't have quadstore in all tables? Is this a specific implementation detail we get to choose or is this generally how quadstore is done?

Are there any alternatives to the implementation here we should consider?


o. The quadruple will store all metadata, also embedded metadata. This
    will create an overhead of about 10% during storage. It wont give any
    overhead for read queries.

This should still be faster than the 0.6 branch as far as I understand.

o. We will check if we can win back some of that 10% (some ideas are
    floating around)

Well, we still have to spend some time polishing master ;)

o. If the embedded metadata can be left out of the quadruple then we
    should try to achieve that.

o. We wont try to remove the transaction from the decomposed tables yet.

People can followup development of the quadruple in the "quad" branch on
GNOME's git. This branch will likely soon be merged to "master".

The branch contains the support for the quadruple and, implemented on
top of that, support for backup. The branch doesn't yet implement named
graphs (the origin column is left empty for now).

Known concerns: Jamie's concern is a performance issue if we store both
embedded and non-embedded data in the quadruple. We will investigate
this performance issue and see if we can mitigate it.

Jürg, what is stopping us from moving to this?


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