Re: [Tracker] Tracker and Zeitgeist

On Wed, 2009-07-15 at 11:07 +0100, Martyn Russell wrote:
On 12/07/09 12:10, Ivan Frade wrote:

Hi :)

I think this topic deserves a new thread. It is not really related with
0.7 release plans.

Good idea.


  This triplet goes into tracker (In this sense, zeitgeist is a
"miner"). What we will have into tracker is the processed information
and not a wild bunch of events with no meaning. Tracker is a metadata
storage for applications, and it is not intended to be an efficient
"data mining" backend! The "data mining" is done by external processes
and only directly useful things are stored into tracker.

I disagree completely with this.

If you remove the file system miner, you end up with just a daemon and a 
db and that's it. This makes tracker completely useless on its own. To 
some extent, you could say it is anyway without 3rd party applications 
using it, but I think (like the UI discussion in the roadmap thread) we 
need to have *something* to demonstrate if nothing else.

This miner will also show HOW to write other miners and populate the 
database so people can use tracker without needing other applications.

Personally, I tend to agree with Jamie to somewhat, I think the miner-fs 
is a really important part of the project.

I also think that tracker is a semantic desktop tool and that anything
that gathers or makes semantic connections is within the scope of
tracker. I do see the zeitgeist daemon as redundant from that point of
view as arguably event mining, drawing semantic conclusions and decision
making on that data are really our turf. 

I dont mind the zeitgist daemon exisiting for now but long in the future
we should aim to include anything useful from it that affects the above
(if the zeitgeist daemon will eventually be rewritten in C some time in
the future it may as well be incorporated in tracker IMO). I would love
to see a libzeitgeist replacing the daemon in the future too which we
could use :)


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