Re: [Tracker] Roadmap to 0.7

Hi Natan,

thanks for the clarity

1. A high level API that wraps around SPARQL: I do like the option of
using SPARQL for advanced queries, but right now we don't need that
much power and it raises the entry bar for new developers.

I believe this is planned. We have discussed having convenience libs to
make things easier.

2. A stable D-BUS API that we can use today. (I'm planning on
releasing some code that I'm working on before Tracker 0.7 is even
released.) We can't wait for tracker to add support for tracking
timestamps and stall all development until then.


3. The ability to quickly write indexers in any language and insert
new documents into the database over D-BUS: As said above, speed isn't
that much of a concern at the moment. It definitely makes sense to
eventually rewrite Python indexers in C to improve the performance,
but now is not the time for that. Time is a lot more valuable to us
then speed.

what exactly do you need to index? tracker is well on the way to
indexing all local files, emails, rss feeds. Web services are coming
soon too

if the indexers you want are useful (to nokia) its quite likely they
will fund development in tracker for them


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