[Tracker] trackerd using 100% of a core?

Hello.  I switched to tracker after being a beagle user for some time.
I am in general satisfied with tracker; however, it is doing something
which I do not know if it is normal behavior or not.  Sorry if I am
not using the right naming as I do not really know the internal
architecture / steps tracker adopts.

The general situation is: after the initial (re)indexing, tracker
stops and sits idle for some time.  Then, at some point (let's say
after maybe half and hour or one hour), trackerd starts to use 100% of
the CPU -- only one core, therefore I can work with not so many
problems, but the laptop fan wouldn't stop.  It stays like that for a
long time.  I left it working for several hours.

Is this a normal behavior?  I.e., it can be optimizing the databases
or something like that.  If so, how long can I expect for it to
continyue working?  My statistics are as follows:

  Files = 172988
  Text = 21956
  Music = 488
  Development = 22286
  Other = 38077
  Images = 18249
  GaimConversations = 108
  Folders = 18627
  Videos = 67
  Applications = 458
  Playlists = 23
  Documents = 53215
  Conversations = 108

Or should I suspect that there is something wrong (like a unuseful
polling loop)?

I am using Tracker 0.6.93 on an Ubuntu 9.04.  I have started it with
verbosity level 3, so I can provide log files if that helps (didn't do
it already because trackerd.log is 9Mb).

Cheers and 
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