Re: [Tracker] throttling (on battery)

2009/2/19 Ivan Frade <ivan frade nokia com>:

El mar, 10-02-2009 a las 10:36 +0100, ext Luca Ferretti escribió:
Il giorno mar, 10/02/2009 alle 08.25 +0100, Michael Biebl ha scritto:

        Tracker will have a new major release within XX months, with a
        lot of new exciting feature, but new translatable stings too.

        Please stay tuned and start updated your PO files (but note
        translatable string still may change before final release).

If you like, I could send it.

 Can we do it for an already released version? Maybe translations +
bugfixing could be the 0.6.91

Martyn et al: Will we have disruptive changes in 0.6.9x or do we have
sort of a string freeze for 0.6.9x and does it makes sense to ping the

 No more big changes in 0.6.9x series. Improving speed and extractors
and general bugfixing. Nothing new in the UI side, i think, Except...

Honestly I think tracker still needs some UI changes: current code is
great on "server" side, but I think it needs to be polished on client
side: for example, see
      * bug 564038 on applet popup menu items
      * bug 564035 on click on applet [HIG]
      * my previous email about merging preferences dialog
      * bug 563909 canonicalize command line options[1]
      * other?? I've just listed the ones I reported or I know

 What about marking some of those as gnome-love? It is gtk-related code
and maybe some new contributors can help with that.

So, I think by now could be good announce a new tracker version will
come, then you could collect all UI/string related bugs to fix, finally
declare the string freeze once those bugs are closed. And, of course,
plan a 0.7.1 release one month after the 0.7.0, keeping the string
freeze or announcing changed strings on gnome-i18n.

 Can we do the same with 0.6.9x? Announce a string freeze "now" (next
week or so) and release 0.6.91 in one month?

Sounds good to me.


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