Re: [Tracker] Refactored the src/plugins & (new) Evolution support

On miÃ, 2009-02-11 at 15:15 +0100, Philip Van Hoof wrote:
On Wed, 2009-02-11 at 15:09 +0100, Carlos Garnacho wrote:

Overall, great patch :), makes things quite more generic. A few comments
about it:

* What about using GTypeModule and GInterfaces for the modules? you
could have a single module that implements one interface for the indexer
and other interface for trackerd.

I tried this, I found it too complicated and more difficult for higher
languages to integrate with. For example this way it's relatively easy
to write a push module in Vala.

There were also a few things that were not possible, or quite difficult
at least. I had started the refactor to make them similar to how your
module-sys works. But that was not possible for a couple of reasons.

I decided to just use GModule (it's only about a few methods anyway).

* Do we really have to expose TrackerIndexer? I'd rather keep that as an
internal detail, and this wouldn't work as is for external modules, we'd
have to install a bunch of headers first... If we went through
GTypeModule, modules could trigger signals that the indexer would
listen, without any need to expose it to modules.

I think TrackerIndexer can be left out for the current modules. I added
it because for future ones it might be necessary to have it (for example
to pause and continue it).

Pausing, pre-committing and continuing it something I think will
eventually be necessary to add (for example a AddMany that adds really a
lot of triples, should pause+pre-commit, import, and then continue the

Kinda like freeze/thaw.

Hmm, I see... but I still think it's TrackerIndexer which should decide
upon external factors, and not let 3rd party modules fiddle with
tracker-indexer behavior, also it sounds to me like push modules
developers have to be quite aware of tracker-indexer inner workings to
make their module work sensibly.

* in src/tracker-indexer/tracker-push.c (load_modules): there's no good
reason for gotos if it's just used in a single place, just make that
return immediately if the directory couldn't be opened.

Ok, I'll replace that.

* in src/tracker-indexer/tracker-push.h: the .c file doesn't implement

Ah, oeps.

* in src/tracker-indexer/ and src/trackerd/ No
need to discern between "pushi" and "pushd", since there's no naming

Okay, I'll just use "push" everywhere then.


On mar, 2009-02-03 at 11:52 +0100, Philip Van Hoof wrote: 
This is a new patch but with the indentation right for the two new files
this time

On Tue, 2009-02-03 at 00:40 +0100, Philip Van Hoof wrote:
Hi there,

This long E-mail is also a request for a review of the attached patch,

You can call me crazy for working on this until 24 'O clock, but I guess
I wanted to have it done today.

Because Ivan Frade told me he likes the concept of letting applications
push in data into Tracker for many situations, we decided to refactor
the basis of the Evolution support that I recently finished [1].

[1] (note that this is now a
desktop neutral standard)

I made this part GModule based. Meaning that you can add more such
"Evolution like" modules. That is also the plan. For example one module
for KMail and very different one for an RSS web grabber will be made
very soon. Perhaps we'll make other ones for other kinds of apps too.

How it works is simple, but can get a little bit confusing to read in C.
I recommend reading this Vala example, as it does the same thing [2].


In Tracker a few more things got added, like the GModule support.

tracker-push.c in trackerd is more or less a GModule loader and at the
same time what the Vala example does [2] (go read it, in code it's much
more easy to grasp than reading this gibberish explanation!):

-> Do a ListNames on DBus initially and if our service is among the ones
   we want to consume, we more or less launch the GModule's

-> Then we start listening for NameOwnerChanged to know when we either
   need to shutdown the GModule's capabilities, or when we need to
   launch it.


o. Evolution is not running, trackerd starts. User now starts Evolution.
   The NameOwnerChanged will detect this event and will launch the
   GModule for Evolution.

o. Evolution is running, trackerd starts. ListNames will find the
   service for us and our handler will therefore launch the GModule.

o. We were once registered with Evolution, we're still running. But now
   Evolution shuts down. The NameOwnerChanged will detect this event and
   will disable the capabilities of the GModule for Evolution.

Now replace Evolution with KMail if you prefer the KDE desktop. Same

We decided to refactor this because we want to enable Vala, Python, C#,
Perl, D, C++, YodaYodi++#1^^ developers to develop modules.

This means that it's all GObject & GModule based now.

You install a GModule that has a function that returns a GObject that
implements some methods in a directory A, and one in a directory B.

Why two? Well one for the indexer and one for the daemon. The deamon is
for your 'things' that need to be kept alive for a long time. The
indexer is for your 'things' that will do a lot of DB transactions and

For for example the Evolution one the deamon one proxies RDF triples to
the indexer one for this reason.

You can take a look at the existing Evolution one's to see
how to deal with that, where to install it, etc.

Anyway, here's the patch. Please review asap as we'll need this for
followup tasks soon (like the RSS and the KMail support).


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