Re: [Tracker] Releasing Tracker 0.6.90

2009/2/5 Martyn Russell <martyn imendio com>:
Jamie McCracken wrote:

On Thu, 2009-02-05 at 16:26 +0000, Martyn Russell wrote:

Jamie McCracken wrote:

we are not deleting from qdbm! If you have changed stuff to do this then
please revert. O.6.6 never deleted from qdbm and indeed never should as
its prohibitively expensive

Carlos is working on a fix. If we fix this and get it done in time would
you be happy enough to release tomorrow?

I would like to just quickly check things once you say you are ready -
if the fix can be done today then i will look at it tonight and give you
the go ahead for tomorrow if its ok

I promise not to delay things further unless I find a showstopper

OK, I think it will have to wait until tomorrow (the fix) so if you look at
it tomorrow or over the weekend, we can release Monday.

Martyn has been working hard on re-doing  tracker-extract.
After some initial compilation troubles, I got r2900 up and running
(more or less):
My kern.log is literally filled with those entries
Feb  7 00:43:42 pluto kernel: [52319.901584] tracker-extract[31461]:
segfault at bf622fec ip b6f6ebec sp bf622ff0 error 6 in[b6f69000+7000]
Feb  7 00:47:29 pluto kernel: [52547.350109] tracker-extract[730]:
segfault at bf3defdc ip b79a872c sp bf3defe0 error 6 in[b79a6000+3000]
Feb  7 00:47:47 pluto kernel: [52565.264967] tracker-extract[892]:
segfault at bf3e1fdc ip b79e1b7c sp bf3e1fe0 error 6 in[b79e1000+1000]
Indexing and searching seems to work fine though, at least
tracker-search yields results if I look for something.

I'm back to r2892 for the moment as this version does not have this problem.

I also found this in trackerd.log
(trackerd:18833): Tracker-WARNING **: Error loading
query:'sqlite-fulltext.sql' #0, Cannot use virtual tables in
shared-cache mode

Something to worry about?


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