Re: [Tracker] Whitespace clean up

On 10/12/09 10:57, Carlos Garnacho wrote:

I still find that indenting quite cumbersome, emacs has automatic
indent-on-tab support and doing anything custom is extra-painful, since
there are some circumstances where emacs thinks it's ok to reindent some
line (pressing ';' at the end of the line for example), I generally like
the glib/gtk+ approach (no tabs), since alignment will obviously be
correct, and it's easy for current editors to do that.

That's a good point. Actually, I spoke to Tim Janik about this and how it works for GTK+ and also Mitch Natterer for how they doing things on GIMP (which has a very clean code base) and they both recommend spaces exclusively. This way:

- the alignments are always correct according to the coding style
- diffs don't look weird because of the initial \t

I am definitely convinced after talking to Tim and Mitch that we should use purely spaces. What do others think?


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