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On 17/08/09 19:00, Adrien Bustany wrote:
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Hi all,

Hi :)

currently, we have a branch of tracker named libtracker-namer, which
includes a lib to be shared among all miners (if I got it right).


Currently, this lib includes a miner skeleton, and monitoring
functions. The idea would be to include more features in this lib,
merging the work I did for my gsoc project.

That sounds great.

I should add, I have taken a look at your work and it looks good, but I think we will be writing the miner API in C and can probably provide a vala binding for it. We want people to be able to write miners in whatever language they want and C is most portable for this. Also, we have a large portion of the work done in C already of course.

The miners I coded all connect to remote web services to pull data
like twitter status, flickr albums etc. They thus need to know about
the network status before initiating a sync (not mandatory, but it
prevents failing miserably). Also, they all need to store a token or
user/pass tuple to authenticate against the remote web service.

I think the authentication part will be the hardest part to figure out for cross platform working and also for the Maemo platform which doesn't use GnomeKeyring either (AFAIK).

Therefore, I propose the additions of the following services to the lib :

1. Network status
Could use NetworkManager if available (we're not making a hard
dependency here) to know if the computer is connected to internet or
not. This would be abstracted with an interface to allow other network
providers (I think OpenSolaris for example uses something else).
NetworkStatus get_network_status ();
with NetworkStatus being an enum with 2 values, CONNECTED and
DISCONNECTED (better to put an enum here if ever we want to add more
values, for example to handle cases like 3G connections where data
transfers might be expensive for the user).

Yes, I have used this in Gossip before too, it is fairly straight forward, but I don't think we can use NetworkManager in Maemo and I don't know if KDE use it. We can probably use some other low level tricks to know if we have a connection. Any suggestions?

2. Tracker constants
Currently the fs miner hardcodes Tracker's DBus path. Wouldn't it be
simpler to put it in a shared header ?

Yes. We have that in libtracker-miner. There is a common DBus API header there which is unfinished at this point (I will come on to that later).

3. Credentials storage
Note : this might not belong to libtracker-miner... Discussion is open!
To connect to the webservice, you generally need a token or a
user/pass tuple. Sometimes, you also need to store additionnal data,
so a simple user/pass API is not enough. Again, things should be
hidden by an interface.
I currently use something like (vala syntax) :
string get_password (string token_name, out HashTable<string, string>?
user_data) throws GLib.Error;
void forget_password (string token_name);
void store_password (string token_name, string password,
HashTable<string, string>? user_data) throws GLib.Error;

Again, this is problematic and needs some consideration. Ivan do you have any ideas about how this would work on the Maemo platform?

4. Configuration storage
It'd be nice for all the miners to have an easy API to store key/value
tuples. I've been told Martyn is working on it...

Well, we have tracker-config-file in libtracker-common and tracker-keyfile-object with some convenience APIs, but it is all in C, not vala. You can see how we have done tracker-config in tracker-miner-fs and how we use those APIs there.

Thank you for your feedback !

No problem.

I should continue here with our current plans for the miner APIs:


 * gchar * get_status()          - any string
 * gdouble get_progress()        - 0->1 or -1 if not supported
 * void    pause(gchar *reason)
 * void    resume()
 * void    start()
 * void    stop()


 * started()
 * stopped(gboolean interrupted)
 * paused(gchar *reason)
 * resumed()
 * progress(gchar *status, gdouble progress)
 * error(gint code, gchar *reason)

These are the basic control and information APIs we intend for miners. If there is anything missing here, please let me know.

Also, I was thinking about writing the new applet in vala later on. But before I do that, we will probably add an API in libtracker-miner which will list all miners available, all miners running and basically service all the needs to query miners from tracker-status. The information shown in the applet should also be available from tracker-status about each miner.

Did I miss anything?


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